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For a long time now, I’ve been contemplating the concept of having a series of musical releases called “Naked.”  I’m so excited to tell you that I am beginning this series today!

So what is the “Naked” series?

If you’ve been to any of my live shows, you know that I enjoy sitting on a stool and singing with one instrument whether that be an acoustic guitar, a piano, or any instrument for that matter.

I decided to take that intimate arrangement into the studio and record stripped down or “naked” versions of some of my favorite songs for you.  I feel like this simple production approach allows you to hear every emotion I’m feeling when I’m singing. Each song is just my voice paired with minimal instrumentation. In other words,  I am naked. :)

I plan to release songs on the “Naked” series as often as I possibly can for you.  I hope you enjoy this series and come back for more!



“Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain”

Released Feb. 25, 2013

“Here it’s is y’all!! My new song I recorded for the Naked Series!! This song has always been one of my favorites that Willie Nelson recorded. The lyrics make me think of my MawMaw and PawPaw. He had the Most amazing blues eyes you’ve ever seen. I hope y’all love my version using an electric guitar and my voice!”

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“What A Wonderful World”

Released Oct. 13, 2012

“The second song I chose for the Naked Series is ‘What A Wonderful World’. I’ve always loved this song and when I was asked to perform it at the 2012 Nashville’s Father of the Year banquet I knew then I wanted to make it part of this series. This song is brilliantly written and honestly it just makes me smile!!! It’s a reminder for me to look around at the beautiful world that God has made and to enjoy my life in it!! I kept this recording of this song ‘naked’ by producing it with just a piano and my voice! Hope you love it!

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“I’ve Been Looking For Somebody”

Released Sept. 17, 2012

“I’ve Been Looking For Somebody” is my first release in the “Naked” series. The day I wrote this song I was channeling the music I listened to when I was a little girl and specifically,  Patsy Cline. I wanted to write a song that I might hear on one of Patsy’s records. In this recording, we used just a Wurlitzer and my voice.  This is a fun song that makes me smile and one that I’ve wanted to record for a long time. I thought this series would be a perfect place for it. I hope y’all love it!!!

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  • @carlskelton1 Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the new Album Julie, your voice is, well no words can described it, beautiful & the name really got me after how I’ve been joking with you! :-) Julie you are an amazing lady so talented & humble as can be my opinion your an “angel” from above the lord blessed us all the day you was born,your so sweet & beautiful all the time day,or night,your smiling all the time no matter what kind of crazy day you had you’ll go out of your way just to make someone else’s unsad! :-) I’m proud to always say your my friend with a big smile to follow at the end! :-)

  • Michael Gallops Says:

    Absolutely incredible!!! You have outdone yourself again Julie! I love this song – and I love idea of releasing your songs like this!!!!!!

    Love ya!!!

  • Mark Jackson Says:

    Julie this awsome! Love the soul you have for old school songs.

  • Dave Says:

    Your voice is just the best in country music. So rich and raw and full of emotion.

  • Ken Says:

    Julie, I LOVE acoustic music with just a VOICE and one or two instruments! I’m so exited about this new series. Your voice sounds PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor…..Can you RELEASE “The Song Goes With Me” as part of the acoustic “naked” series ???????? I think it would sound GREAT as an acoustic number…..PLEASE……PLEASE !!!! Other ideas for this acoustis series are” “Unlove Me”, “Too Damn Young”, “I Just Can’t Get Over You”, and “Silver Lining”…………..THANK YOU, Ken

  • Erin Says:

    Julie-we can’t wait for the naked versions to come out and be available. That format lends so well to your amazing vocal strength!

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