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  • God Wink Moment for Me

    Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you knew that God was speaking to you? If so, what did you do when that happened? Did you listen or ignore it? Did you just go about your life

  • Day 26 – Workout and Diet

    Today wasn’t the best eating day for me but I did have a GREAT workout this morning!! I am leaving tomorrow for a show in SC and SO excited because I am going to be on stage!! I was in

  • Day 24 & 25 – Workout and Diet

    I cannot believe how close I am to my 28 day challenge being over! I’ve been asked by some of you what my plans are after the challenge so I wanted to tell you all in today’s blog. I plan

  • Day 22 & 23 – Workout and Diet

    I’m in the homestretch of my 28 day challenge! It’s hard to believe that it went by so fast.  I’ve started this week off pretty good and going to try to finish great this weekend when I’m in Columbia, SC

  • Day 21 – Workout and Diet

    After eating everything not on my plan last night, I woke up once again, ready to get back on my clean eating plan! I woke up kinda late today so I didn’t eat as many meals as I normally do,

  • Day 20 – Workout and Diet

    I have been looking forward to today since about Wednesday of this week!!  I knew that tonight I would be having my cheat meal at one of my favorite Nashville restaurants, Mere Bulles!!  Mere Bulles has the low-country cuisine similar

  • Day 19 – Workout and Diet

    Today I did much better at getting close to reaching my calorie goal.  I felt pretty hungry throughout the day so it was pretty easy to eat!!  My muscles were not as sore today either so I hit the ground

  • Day 18 – Workout and Diet

    I can hardly move today!! I mean, I AM SO SORE y’all!!  I think all of these workouts have caught up with my body! I could not bring myself to do two REAL workouts today but my coach, John Kennedy

  • Day 17 – Workout and Diet

    Today I decided I was eating too much of the same thing.  I don’t want to get bored with this new way of eating. Honestly,  there’s really no excuse for boredom because you can get so creative on this plan

  • Day 16 – Workout and Diet

    Today I realized how strong my willpower truly can be when I set my mind to do something. I can’t even believe that I did this but I DID! I’m so proud and have been excited to tell you all day.